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And once again I appear, so lets get to it. At first glance I see a unique Character and a mix of genre a little mix of Spanish, french...

Wow just wow, I love the overall concept just stunning, your talent for bring your art to life is amazing. The Faded skull floating in ...

First off I love the Blend of Colors Very Unique, the overall design of of the Image is very beautiful. the line are clean, swell as th...

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                                                                              Chapter 10

    Rain continues to pour as the riders cloaked in black stand over a blood stained body. No movement, no sounds, no breath a lifeless form lie unchanged, the crowd looks on in horror as fear comes towards them in a thunderous charge. Well at the same time the bearer of the mask faces his current challenge with a tiresome look. The shadow trapped in crystal continues to blast at the seal but has no effect. With no knowledge of what that thing is or what he must do in order to use its power Adado approaches seeing it emits a glow as if it was waiting for him, he reaches out almost close enough to touch. Before Adado makes contact the light glowed brighter and swallows him whole, he awakes in a realm where only the shadow and himself are neither the gods nor Neon will be able to find them. A voice so ancient in sound yet so familiar that he can’t help but respond.                           
    (Adado) “You brought me here, so now talk what is it you want and what the hell are you?”                                       

    (Ashmador) “I am here, I have waited for young, born of man flesh, descendant of gods, and bathed in darkness, you are the chosen I am he who was once one with the first and waiting for another to take up his throne will you succeed where others many others have failed.”           

    (Adado)  “Wait, one with the first you mean the creature created by the gods so in other words you are part of him left here.”               

    (Ashmador) “I await he who will consume my power and wield the might of gods thousands of gods, you have been and always will be the one to receive this power, but the choice to accept it is also your`s and will not come again. Do you want power, what will you wield it for yourself or other?”                                           

    (Adado) “Doesn’t matter it’s my birth right, the only reason is to save that which I only have left in this world. Family and future now stop yapping and give me all of it now.”                           

    (Ashmador) “Very well thy will shell be done, my power every source of darkness shall return to the being of death, child of Anarchist receive thy birth right and claim they throne at the top.                                
    In a blink of an eye the shadow vanished and Adado returned to the outer chamber to meet with the party of three, there they watch and eye of the gate keeper turn to meet a new Adado one who has changed from a mere child to a one who has receive a will and power that has grown over countless centuries and has given him new life. In the stormy night as the rider continue to charge towards the students and adults, they are pushed aside, yet nothing was there that could force a horse let alone two so far The students have watched and fear is written all over their face watching historic characters duel in a field from hell. They seem. Adado stands in front of them and with a new form Jack the Ripper is now cloaked in armor darker then night yet sends fear in to their minds. Speechless Cyra’s watch with tears flowing down her face as she watches him return from death door. One of the students looks but can find Adado, Cyra noticing knocks him out in order to keep attentions of him.                   
    (Hooded) “Well this is very surprising since when that which is already dead returns back a second time or are you ghost of your former self. If that is the case then welcome back phantom of the Ripper, but I’m afraid that you have caught us at a bad time, we shall have more time to chat after this festival haha.”                               

    (Adado Jack the Ripper) “Well that does sound like fun now doesn’t, would you allow an old friend to join in the fun?”               
    (Hooded) “Really, well now that sounds fun why not let’s have a good old fashion kill spree.”                                   

    (Adado Jack the Ripper) “Sound good, so why don’t we start with your fucking head bitch ha hahaha.”                               

    Ripper rush at the unexpected rider attacking and lashing out with little effort as he exchanges blow for blow faster and more fierce then before. His attacks have no plan or strategy; they are like a beast raging out of control with no set direction. Adado lashes out knocking the rider of his stead, and continues to demolish him to the ground without giving an inch of mercy of compassion, brutal beating him down. Not as a hero who is trying to save everyone but as a dark evil demon, showing his enjoyment of destroying his pry. Before he notices that the enemy has no more strength he rips the mask from the host and screams out in victory of crushing a powerless bug. The other rider who has said nothing but only seemed to watch at a distance without giving a single hint of regret that he didn’t support his fallen partner, only an empty, voiceless, soundless silence.                                            

    He rushes towards the second rider ready to clean cut his head off his shoulders. As he reaches the rider face only to see that there is nothing there not even a neck it’s a headless rider, and only one monster from history.                                               
    (Adado Jack the Ripper) “I see now that explains a lot, little black riding hood with no voice, the Headless Horseman Hah HAHAHA that’s rich. So now what should I do all the talking or would you like to get a word, wait never mind that just too mean.”                           

    As he taunts the rider which seems to have zero effect, and leaves Adado board, so he decide to continue the onslaught forcing the rider to fall from his mount but this is only effective for a moment as the target was originally his head with the mask but since the rider has no face let alone a head he is still standing unshaken. Adado continues to rush and attack every side where there might be an opening. Landing blow after blow his speed increases with little effect every step he takes. Adado breathing heavily and without a single effective move is left speechless and out of ideas. As the rider takes advantage, he charges forward and thrust his axe at the spot where hooded stabbed him. At that moment time stopped and voice sound from the back of Adado's mind and images forgotten by time flood in to him, scenes of battle carnage between so many figures. He can make out what they are but only tell that this is a part of the family gift it has been and always will be apart of the birth right he must gain control of both the battle and the power at once.                                                   

    (Neon) “Come boy you have the power why aren’t you using it you`re not even scratching the surface, there is a much, much deep strength that you must reach now.”                               

    (Ashmador) “Why do you still have doubts have you something you regret about this joining, or are you afraid of what you might find here?”                                           

    (Adado) “No, but yes this is what I don’t know if I need it or not are you really apart of me, or another requirement of this tournament that has wishes to take more from me.”                               

    (Ashmador) “I am nothing but a mirror image of you past lives you are he who is the mirror image of the first he who feared this power but accepted it all together.”                                       

    (Cyra) Stop it you don’t have to fight anymore you’ve done enough stop get out of there.”                                   

    (Adado) “Those cries almost sound real but nice try I know better than to fall for Neon’s tricks, Fine then let`s do this.”                   
    Falling deep within these images and darkness once again he finds the shadow form of the first and once again grabs hold of his power and demands no; allows it to take hold it was already a part of him he just needed to acknowledge it, all of it. His mind becomes shrouded in darkness not the suffocating, but bone chilling, as if something lost came back and that he is finally starting to fill hole again and that he is finally starting to get his life back all that is lost is back within his grasp. He is now one with he who once was, and have regained his fallen, no forgotten life. An image of himself a child being stripped of his power at birth, and removed from the boy gods reach. Now filled with renewed power he turns to the battle field, watching from outside his own body the events taking place.                                   

    Just before he turns to his body a voice old and fading draws Adado's attention towards a corner of his mind where many of the memories from the past have been spread they form one being. This form is that of one who once fought in the tournament and is a distant relative.                                                   

    (Dart) “Finally that took forever well now you must be the current chosen a pleasure to meet you young one.”                           
    (Adado) “OK so who are you and I must ask for a bit of a rushed answer.”                                                   

    (Dart) “Kids the day now manners to the first Drat is the name and to the second you answer will end when I`m good and ready boy now listen. I too have faced these challenges and you have barely scratched the surface now look and see my life unfold like a book.”           

    He sees a life flow like a movie each image is like a repeat of his life fighting as a chosen from long ago, the mask the friends and family lost the rage and the happy moments however short. It`s like watching your own life over again.                                        
    (Dart) “This is my life it is the same as you’re but one small difference mine was in adult hood I lived it out but you are young and have yet to experience adulthood.” “You must live your life as you see fit not because of what I tell you, or the gods, or even you elder believe in what you want and grow, love, laugh, cry, rage, and smile all you will face and all is a part of life.”                                     
     His spirit returns to its body and the world around him slowed down to a halt and his body free to move he reaches out and picks out his next mask so that he can have a change of tactics, he places the one mask that will kill him. Death Scarecrow, without fear he places the mask upon his head and allows the form to take shape once again he faces the scarecrow that is once trapped in chains is now free and takes steps towards he who bars the mask. Adado allows the figure to merge with himself. At that time his power is raisin tenfold and has more control than ever before. But the second side affect is also spread all over and now takes control of his mind both the now rule his body. Or so they thought Adado using Ashmador power he is now one with them and his resistance is high enough maintain his sanity. Awakening from the new merging he places his body back under the axe and lets time flow again. The axe hit but burst to ashes and he reaches in to the body of the horseman and rips from out the mask that beats like a heart from his ribs and the Headless Horseman turns in to a wooden Doll that is cast to unleash the mask placed on it and take it true form same and the black knight.                                                    

    With the clash of devil gods over, the sky clears and the light of a full moon shines through upon Adado revealing a form of the Death Scarecrow. Filled with excitement and raging emotions Adado is now fully aware of the power he once had and is now apart of him once again. He heads towards the onlookers they tremble in fear with every step and breath. Just as he approaches and reaches to attack since he is so drunk on overwhelming power, Cyra dips in to the bag and grabs a object but looks forward only to meet eye to eye with the monster that Adado has unleashed. He grabs her by the neck and raises her up above the crowd chocking her with demonic power. Adado sees from the back of his mind seeing only shapes tell he hears a voice so familiar that it echoes.         (Cyra) “WAKE UP, Adado, Wake up, Sniff* Sniff* please come back, come back to us, everyone at the orphanage, the children, Mrs. Jones. Come back to me, I’m here and I will always be I’ll never leave your side.”


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