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                                                                              Chapter 11

    Tears fall on to the mask piercing his face and in the dark; Adado heard her words echoing and snapped back to reality. He releases her and backs away running fast enough to leap the school fence and land on the opposite side of the street landing on the roof and kept going. As the crowd circle around Cyra to make sure she wasn’t hurt her thoughts turned to Adado and worried. As the police arrive and the day ends with everyone going home safely after knowing that all is well and that the investigation is well underway. Mean while Cyra is headed towards the tower and looks for Adado. She searches every floor and no sign of anyone being here with in the last hour. Then she comes to a solution she goes to the one place that he always goes to relax. She heads to the roof which is unblocked by other building and can clearly see the sky. There Adado hides in the shadow in his human form, hearing her coming closer, he screams for her to leave him alone. Closer she approaches, until she is within arm’s length reaches out her hand.       

    (Adado) “DON’T touch me I can’t keep this under control, I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore.”                                   

    (Cyra) “This is random, Sniff* Sniff* since when did you tear up silly I see you are very emotion after all hah.”                       

    As she saw this boy who never shown such a side to anyone she reaches out and hugs him, love, friendship, feeling of belonging, or being wanted, Adado has always been away from people even Mrs. Jones, had very little understanding of Adado. He cries feeling a sense of lost and regret. This moment is kept between these two, as the rain starts to lighten, Adado tears continue to fall, but a felling of shock as to this sudden action. As the rain stopped Adado and Cyra head inside, that night they spent the night near the fire Adado made and slept throughout the night, for the first time Adado felt calm and safe, he has never been close to anyone and still feels distance to all but Cyra, she is his one and true family. The dawn shines and the Christmas holidays start Adado wakes to find Cyra laying in his embrace that morning, even though he remember sleeping on opposite side. He decides not to get up until she awakes herself. As the hours of the day slowly begin to slip by and they spend the day together for the first time Adado has experience what true family and love feel like, something that has always been beyond his reach. That day he didn’t bother to leave the tower, train, or even look at his new masks he kept close to Cyra all day and wouldn’t leave her alone after nearly killing her the previous night. Knowing she would only add to the regret he feels Mrs. Jones leaves them to themselves         

    (Adado) “Cyra, Why did you really agree to accept this marriage? I originally thought it was something only our parents wanted.”           

    (Cyra) “Ever since I was little my parents told me about your family and of you they said that I was to marry one who would become the leader of darkness and that it has always been this way since long before I left for Canada and I didn’t expect to meet you at the grave yard where I first met you.”                                      

    (Adado) “So since long before either of us where even old enough to learn and write you were ok with it, well I must say I’m am really surprised to know that but I am even more surprised that you even staid this long with someone like me.”                                   
    (Cyra) “At first it was very difficult to have a proper chat at all, and I felt that the news that came at you all at once was too much to take in and that you would come to resent me.”                            

    (Adado) “Well I think that each has taken a lot of effort to keep going after all this time. Also I want to continue the training even though I have this new strength I still need you to stay by my side and keep me in line. Without you it’s going to be impossible. Thanks.”               

    As the day end so too does their journey to become closer, finally Adado has taken the true path and accepted all truth and lies that have come his way after all this trouble. The days come and go meeting Mrs. Jones, the kids and spend the days around town. They have to keep the training area locked up from the kids so that they won’t run in to the Dolls. The holidays go by without any problems no masks; no Seethe or Axle this has been the first and only time Adado has known peace.            
    (.......) “What has happened to our soldiers set to the chosen location?”                                            

    (.......) “News has arrived that they were defeated, by the chosen, how and with what is unknown. However He is far from what I was expecting the information is now complete and I have sent a new warrior to face him.                                    

    (.......) “And what of the masks were they retrieved before taken by the chosen?”                                        

    (.......) “They were taken, removed as just after defeat, but the hosts minds were wiped black so that all information is lost on us we must wait for these new fighters to achieve victory before we make another move.”                                            
    (.......) “Agreed.”                                      

     As these unknown enemies plot to challenge Adado another set of fighters of unknown skill and might is headed his way. Those times of piece are far from lasting and he will so face a monster far worse than any before. As the holidays end and he, Cyra and all the other return to the Academy he finds that they are all shaken about the previous events and that he is very fearful in the event they find the truth. As he finds out many of them were investigated through the night before being let go and many of the families who as you remember are all the wealthy and most influential of their generation. The principal had to face many question and threats from the parents or guardians. This led him to up the security of the building. Every child, staff member, and visitor are checked before allowed entry, this has made the school very hard to carry the masks in to in the event that another fighter enters and causes Adado to use them.                                   
    (Adado) “So how do we get this done the masks are as good as caught and I can’t use them here anymore I don’t know what might happen again especially if it`s you I target!?”                       

    (Cyra) “Stop right there, first off the masks are fine they are hidden and secondly you need to accept that this is part of you, it will always be with.”                                                   

    (Adado) “A sure of yourself as ever, hah well be that as it may we still have to find the other masks and I haven’t had a headache since Black Bead the other two, the riders didn’t give off such a sense I think something else is using them, is there any spells that summon a mask without the desires of the host attracting them?”                       

    (Cyra) “None that I know off it has been asked many times, but I will get my family to look in to it, as for the riders have you tried the masks yet, they are some of the more powerful, and are the harder to obtain.”                                                   

    (Adado) “No this time I have not even touched them since that night I was too worried that they might have something done to them and that was a rather tiring time.”                                   

    As they continues to look for answer, a shadow approaches and a even more dangerous question hangs over Adado's mind, what was there intended reason for coming there other than to take him out and retrieve the masks. In another realm the dark elders who make up the council of dark gods now gather to discuss what the next step to take would be in order to further Adado's place within the tournament names shall not be mentioned yet as for they will reveal themselves when Adado has traveled to there again. As this is not a social gather figures from across the world each of who has a connection to the primordial age.
IT has arrived!!
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