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                                                                         Chapter 13

    (Adado) “So are you going to bit me, huh batman or are you just going to drive me batty.”                                       

    (Vlad) “You’re a cheeky little brat time to show you how to respect your elders little boy.                                   

    Starring down a devil feared by his own kin, the son of Satan, incarnated now stands before Adado filled with more than just fear but a sense worse than death, he shook like never before. At the same time Cyra has headed for the same location searching every building from the ground up with no sign of Adado, makes a call to the guards that are at the tower and sends them to search the other neighborhoods. As the day grows late Adado is beaten and coughing up blood as the Impeller put him through a torture that has been used for many years to set an example for his enemies. When night falls Adado is half awake and is so far out of his mind that he is having trouble saying anything. The other figures search through his bag and can’t find the masks, unknown to all of them Cyra moved them encase the security saw them.               

    (Vlad) “What is taking so long, get the masks now and let’s finish it now.”                                                   

    (Adado) “ .....bag. haha.”                                                   

    (Vlad) “Well still in there huh kid well then let’s get this done, boys ready get you turn one at a time haha.”                           
    They ready to hit him as if he was a punching bag for training, as he blanks out a voice shouts out to the men. In the back entrance stand a figure that Adado can’t make out, the voice sounds familiar but is too hard to hear do to too many hits to the head. The men stand wondering why a kid is shouting at them and who the hell she is. The figure standing at the door is Cyra, short of breath and very angry. She sees Adado half dead and covered in blood which also covers most of Vlad’s clothing. Just as Adado was shocked, Cyra too was not expecting Vlad the Impeller to show up here of all places. As the men approach her she realizes that there are too many for even Adado to handle. So now is the time for her to fight in his stead, she reaches in to her pack and brings out a mask of different sorts.                                    

    (.......) “What is that toy little, it look to be dangerous you should play with dolls not these.”                                      

     (Cyra) “Hah I never once touched a Doll that didn’t have combat skills such as you; I think it’s time to show the dark side a little light.”      

     (.......) “Than your a chosen, or maybe a assassin sent by the light huh?”                                                   

    (Cyra) “Light don’t make me laugh that`s your guys masters not mine I am not from the light I am from the dark, it’s just that one of my mask is from a time of light but was shin by it in the end so bring a second coming.”                                               

    As Cyra placed the mask open her face she changed from young child to an old woman, who wore white cloth and battle damage armor. Cyra has now dawn the mask oh Joan of Arc the warrior who saved so many and was burned by the arrogant and fool hardy who thought woman do not deserve the power of god. Cyra charges at them without even flinching, attacking only to brush them aside and head for Adado but another who was up among the steel beams in the shadows blocks her. Removing his cover and revealing the Huntsman a man know only as the best tracker, he who can catch anyone who he targets. Charging at all speeds she rushes the Huntsman hoping to have enough force in order to get past him and get to Adado. She carries his mask hoping to get one that will have enough strength to heal him. Adado half awake is now fading out, he awakes in the black hall this time there is no one to greet him not even Neon.                                          

     Adado unbound and wonders through the chamber where he met the shadow from his ancestor the first and now he has no questions that need answering, no reasons that need explaining. He is in a state where all the things he needed to know are done and over with he only wants to leave. As he heads back a sound from the other side of the room catches his attention and he finds that the room has a second door this a in fact a domain where all the artifacts of the Anarchist bloodline remain. He looks for a way to open the door, Ashmador voice ring though the hall sending Adado against the floor with a chill.                           

    (Adado) “Damn don’t do that to me I thought you were bonded with me, how can you still have this much strength? Oh wait don’t answer you are from the first it’s not important, so what now how do I get in that room?”                                           

    (Ashmador) “Slow down young one there is plenty of time for each question to be answer, time outside this realm is frozen and you are free to move and rest here each second there is a full day here you have plenty of time my friend.” “As for the next room inside lies a creation of the gods all the gods of darkness came together and formed the first he who started the counterattack. And a weapon forged from the gods souls which gave the user unimaginable power, and now it is time for you to receive its might.”                                           

    (Adado) “Another gift well thanks, so could you tell me how to get it and what I need to use its power?”                               
    (Ashmador) “It responds to those who call out its name and it changes with each generation you must give it a name and then the door will give way to the room. You must claim the power before it consumes you. And then another task shall present itself.”                    
    Adado’s mind is trying to get a name for this, but nothing comes to him, he is empty of any sense that could help with this task. Along with the image of Cyra coming and ending up getting hurt, as the time passes to him it feels like days where as in the other world Cyra continues to fight without give any room for quarter. Over an hour has passed since Adado faded out Cyra has fought for and is losing so much time Adado’s blood is spilling out and he is going to die. At that time within the dark realm Adado has found a name after reading his father and mother’s journals the name is one that he himself has made from pieces of history. The name is Anaro, as he speaks the name, the door opens and inside is an object wrapped in chains, Adado approaches and at that moment the object burst open and the chains burst forth consuming and taking hold of him this object has no thought, no feelings its pure darkness forged from the souls of the most powerful beings in the omnivores.                                                   
    Adado screaming in pain as his flesh is torn apart, his mind infected, and his bones burning. As he screams Ashmador’s words ring in his, control it, bond and make it your own this is the gift he who survives becomes the new dark god, his life is extended and his power increases tenfold. As Adado continues to suffer Cyra comes to mind and then his mind is set he lets go and allows the energy to consume him and the souls of the gods merge with his, to form a new being.               

    (Adado) “You can become me but not rule me I am Adado nothing else and you are going to become my strength now Anaro give me all of it all your power, desires, rage, anger, and your lust for battle give me it all.”    “Ashmador you are also a part of me you are myself that I rejected and now I beg you once again join with me and let us kick so ass.”           

    As the dark gift of the first and his own dark power is now merging together in to a new being with only one purpose to destroy, concur, and bring chaos. Adado is now bonded with the ancient power and he is now ready for battle all the gods, demigods, and ancestors are now one with Adado and he is now whole once again.
Im just toooo lazy been awhile since I uploaded anything but here is the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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