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                                                                          Chapter 14

    Night falls and the battle between the Huntsman and Cyra continues they are covered in blood that of which belongs to Cyra since the Dolls are cursed to wear the mask and are not of flesh. A foul wind blows from the back of the building it emits a black glow from where Adado lies. Adado body rises his eyes open to show a black sinister look his skin burned to ashes and his hair ghost white, he has returned from the dark void where he spent time training and training again he has the power of all the gods, his spirit mind have aged to point where he is now longer a child but an older version of himself all those around him are shocked most of who is Cyra she see him fall and die once more and this time she was unable to get to him. Adado has uncovered many secrets, with his ageing such as how to come and go as he pleases from the realm of the dark gods along with many other secrets to which are now as easy as walking for him. His mind has seen all the memories of the fallen warriors that came before him. He has returned for one purpose to avenge his parents and to win the tournament.                      

    In An instant he removes the hoods that cove the enemies face and shows them for who they really are.                          

    (Adado) “Well its about time you all show yourselves, Vlad the Impeller, Huntsman, The Invisible man, Al capon, Attila the Hun, Professor James Moriarty, Grigori Rasputin, and you I am unaware of! care to name yourself?”                                       

    (Chaos Executioner) “I am he who punishes all, I have ended the names of kings and beheaded the greatest villains and heroes of all time and you are next on my list, you shall be the youngest child I have killed as of yet I am Chaos Executioner.”                               
    (Adado) “Boring, is that the best you can do I am really disappointed. Now which one of you was it that did this to such a young woman I must know?”                                       

    (Huntsman) “She did it herself, putting on a mask and doing a man’s work. I can’t believe that a child thought she could do a woman’s job that is just unthinkable and I must say it is rather pathetic to even try anymore.”                                                   
    (Adado) “I suggest you get your hands off of her now before I end you without even having any fun!”                               

    Before Huntsman could respond Adado moved in and out of a dark hole in space and retrieve Cyra from them and landed a blow to Huntsman for hitting her and to Vlad for torturing him. He stands in front of all eight of them and decides to show Cyra something that they trained with in order to master an old type of dark magic. Adado Places the mask of Death Scarecrow and enters the realm where they first met only this time Adado is much stronger and in control of his body every moment he spends there. Adado requests that Scarecrow make enough of his puppet army for his plans in that instant the face of mask smiled and agreed because it knew that Adado was finally the master all of darkness and is deserves to be call the child and king of the Anarchy throne. In that moment seven scarecrows appeared Adado placed all the masks that he was able to obtain to them and using what he trained for in order to give the mask form and enough power to move. Also gave each of them a piece of his mind spreading it through each. Adado: Are you all ready my ancestors I need you might and power taking on so many will be easier form now on my brother let’s kick some ass.               

    (Adado Death Scarecrow) “Ready now, its my turn everyone allow me to introduce Phantom of the opera, Jack the Ripper, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Black Beard, Headless Horseman, Black Night, and my personal friend Death Scarecrow well now shall we have some fun?”               

    (Cyra) “Adado Chaos is one of the three mask watch out he’s strongest of the three dark masks, don’t take your eyes off him.       

    (Adado) “Is that so, well then I’ll have to take this one step further then.”                                           

    Winds howl and his mind is focused, Adado has more skill now then in the one week of training they did at the beginning, he motion for the puppets to get ready. As both side ready their army Adado exploded out of the area and headed straight for Chaos Executioner, as they clash Adado heads straight in to a clash of swords. Each of the mask face each other with the clash of steel each stroke sheds more of Adado’s blood he has yet to learn self control and his skills have improved that each time he is cut it is no worse than a paper cut. Cyra watches as this clash of history’s greatest villains do battle and all is lead by the child that is destined to rule the dark gods and to claim his throne. As the moon stays high in the sky they continue to clash, the Phantom vs. Attila the Hun, Jack the Ripper vs. Vlad the Impeller Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde vs. Professor James Moriarty and Grigori Rasputin, Black Beard vs. Huntsman, Headless Horseman vs. The Invisible man, and finally Black knight vs. Al capon.                                             
    Each fighting an opponent where both sides come from hundreds of years apart, using skills that are unique in their own era  Phantom and Attila battle demon actor and concur of man each giving neither side an inch to attack or defend. As Attila uses his superior power and strategy to outwit the Phantom, Adado sends a weapon made from his power a sword of black magic and modern steel stronger than that of Attila’s. As the titans clash again Ripper faces Vlad he uses his most cruel torture techniques to clash with Vlad’s superior bruit force as both battles continue, Adado has his own fight to face. Well at the same time keeping an eye on all his warriors. In an instead Phantom and Jack meet back to back, Adado thoughts tell them how they should win: Hey guys if you want to win then the best way to do so would be to remove the mask don’t cha think boys, well then have at it.                       

    (Phantom) “He sure knows how to boss people around are you sure were related at all?”                                            

    (Jack) “That has yet to be seen but he has the power and is giving us life and you know I think this is getting a bit boring want to spice it up?”                                                       

    (Phantom) “Well then shall we get on with it brother hah would you like to lead in this dance hahahaha.”                           

    As they clash Phantom and Jack use their speed and power to confuse their opponents as the night air cools phantom jumps back behind Vlad and rips the mask from the Doll revealing its true form. It is a dead corps which using the power of evil magic that even the dark gods would not venture to achieve in this modern age. As one is down Attila now faces two enemies. He tries to run in order to create distance between them, Phantom using his speed keeps up and blocks his path leaving room for Jack to jump in from and remove the mask once and for all. As they give the mask to Cyra to guard them, and they head back in to battle. Adado no more focused on his own battle yet he continues to see all the sparks fly from this mass murder trial.      

    Adado faces another of the three most deadly masks ever created by his family it is vial and uncontrollable mass of evil created for one reason in mind. To kill all those who reside in the light, along with all the other elements met to be the greatest of the masks used. As these two creatures continue another of Adado’s masks rages on against the enemy, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fight Moriarty and Rasputin.

    They clash but these two gentleman one of science and the other of religious beliefs, and the Dr. using his skill of the mind he and the Professor challenger each other both man trained to fight using their heads and only moving their fists when the opportune moment. Meanwhile Hyde is fighting a man half his size and is unable to land even a single hit while this man dodges each step of the way. This drives him insane with hatred and rage and with him sharing a mind with Adado it adds all the more to this since he too is angry like the great big oaf.  
More of a filler chapter but......>_> TI's be chapter 14!!XD
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