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                                                                              Chapter 15

    (Adado) “Are you really going to let some annoying priest out do you my friend or do you need me to hold your hand and do all the work for you?”                                                   

    (Hyde) “Shut it boy, I’m too busy to be bothered by your needs, so shut the fuck up and let me battle.”                               

    Bashing against rocks and cement not even a single cut or stain of blood on the enemy Hyde is furious and Adado words still ring in his head. He finally makes contact with the priest and crushes him within his grasp. He shouts to Jekyll to quickly remove the mask, in that moment Jekyll rushes and just as he gets to the mask Moriarty grabs his leg and slams him down to the ground. Phantom appears in and brushes Moriarty out of the way and releases Jekyll, while jack goes and jumps high enough to land on Hyde shoulders then removes the mask and destroys the Doll.

    Now all four face Moriarty and surrounds him within seconds Hyde grabs one are, Jack the other and Phantom grips his head. Jekyll drives his sword in to Moriarty then removes the mask with a hard hand almost as if he was bitch slapped.                        

    (Adado) “Well looks like you guys finally show a bit of back bone huh, well now let’s get this one step further. The nights wasting by so let’s get this done you pack of old fangless dogs rip them to pieces.”       

    (Jekyll) “Boy you sure got some nerve, but I guess you have to in order to be that ugly hahaha.”                                   

    (Jack) “Now, now there’s no need for name calling he’s actually doing pretty good for a child even if he is a little arrogant, and I can’t believe he landed that kinda chick at his age especially one with her own mask.”                                                   
    (Hyde) “Huh so were taking orders from a snot nosed brat great just what we need and is he suppose to be someone special or what.”       

    (Phantom) “You do realize that he can hear everything you saying and thinking right?”                                           

    (Jack) “Am I supposed to care right now huh, shouldn’t we go have some more fun before the night of death is over?”               
    (Hyde) “Agreed lest go smash some heads.”                    

    Heading for the others, Hyde, Jekyll for Black Beard, Phantom heads for the Headless Horseman and finally Jack heads for the black knight. The Knight doesn’t accept the help do the fact that he is one of honor and requires no one to interfere with the task given to him by Adado, who he considers to be his leader and Knight will end this on his own.  As the other fight Huntsman outnumbered and match the twin personas of Hyde and Jekyll coupled with Black Beards wild and brute tactics.

    He is eventually disarmed, Black is given the opportunity to remove the mask but not before thoroughly enjoying torturing him. Mean while with Jack watching and waiting Black Knight facing the fire power of the great crime boss Al capon he is unharmed do to the dark armor that has protected him for more than six hundred years.               

    Using his power of the sword and a long time of practice with warfare, he battles steel to gun powder, the Knight it out matched do to a modern form of weaponry. As Jack watches he once again asks if Black Knight needs any help before he heads somewhere else.                   

    (Black Knight) “Shut it and do something other than running you mouth off and start fighting.”                                   

    (Jack) Haha, well now that’s a very fancy way to say please, well since you said it with such sincerity, let’s do this then and don’t get in the way tin can.”                                           

    Trading one insult after another they attack the mob boss who has lead a legion of mafia families that all owe him their allegiances and will pay it with blood. The two take on and soon corner Al capon, and are soon joined by the other Jekyll, Hyde, Black Beard, Jack, Black Knight. All attack at once ending him and taking the mask but before they join Phantom, he enjoys a little more fun with Huntsman who is still being tortured by all of them.

    Phantom and the Headless Horseman engaged the invisible man which is proving to be very irritating since one cannot see what is not there. Now that all the others are done with their opponents they head to watch the entertainment, but in order to finish this early Adado send Phantom and Headless Horseman an energy boost that gave them the ability to sense where he is, looking for signs such as footsteps and breathing. Within moments of searching they have picked up his position as a dog finds his scent.                            

    (Phantom) “Now can we get this done with I’m running out of lines, this script is so limited!?”                                   

    (Jack) “Really a script, this is not a drama production but I do agree with that other statement shall we make this the semi finals before the grand finally.”                                          

    As their faces smiled half covered with blood, eyes looking with the thirst for battle like hungry dogs looking at meat. They charge for their prey and each stabbing, beating a man outnumbered and match to a drooling, pile of meat. Ripping the mask from the doll and throwing it with the others at that moment Cyra sets them on fire burning every splinter that comes from its ashes form.

    As Adado sets foot in to the final bottle clashing against one who was said to be his greatest ancestor next to the first. As Adado faces this monster of history the memories of his family flood in to his mind showing the Chaos mask fighting enemies of old that were slaughtered like pigs for dinner his warfare and blood thirsty nature raged on for a thousand years until he was betrayed by one of our own. This figure Adado could not see clearly and the demonic monster lost its soul and might in a fight where it was heavily out matched.

    The family who rained for a thousand years destroyed and wiped out from the face of the earth. Adado seeing the rage that fuels this beast and he understands the will of this fallen man. Adado feeling his pain heads in with a reason other than to survive, to set free this power and return it back to the family.
Tooo lazy to do a long chapter maybe I need to drink Mmmmm beer!!!XD
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