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                                                                              Chapter 16

    Adado facing the enemy with little success in achieving victory stands tired and short of breath. Even with his new powers he has yet to use so much in one battle that he has lost so much keeping those masks alive. The Executioner is not what it seems, for all Adado is fighting is nothing more than an after image of him. Whereas the real body is positioned behind the others and when they look to confront him he uses his might to push them all back as if they were nothing, but Adado in order to save both the masks and the remainder of his power He reaches out and in order to stop the other masks from getting involved draining more of his powers.

    He release the puppets and motions for Cyra to take them and guard them, feeling the power used to summon so much in a short time slowly flowing back in to him he now fights the Executioner on a more even playing field. Adado now dripping with blood and running out of time decides to use another skill he learned from his years in the void. Focusing his power he repairs his damaged body stopping the mask from tarring apart and slowly, very slowly regenerating his power.

    But even then that is not enough to fight on even ground, along with Cyra being a possible target he decides to use his final card.  Using a piece of his own soul and a shattered relic from the chamber he fuses them together forming once shattered now hole mask of a the final third mask.

    This one`s form has been lost for so long that not even Adado could imagine what it looked like so using all the knowledge he had to reconstruct its lost physical form. Even though he has all this knowledge from ages past and of gods older then time                               

    (Adado Death Scarecrow) “Its time why don’t we all get in on this, puppet of the Scarecrow rise, take on his form.”                   
    (Cyra) “Wait you giving him free will are you mad? he could turn on you. You may trust him but is it worth it you have lost so much power already.”                                               

    (Death Scarecrow) “No need to be so worried little one I have no reason to hurt masters partner for life you are after all the one and only one who can tell this idiot to behave hahah.”                           

    (Cyra) “Okay on second thought I like him already you should make that permanent, he has a good sense of humor.”                   
    (Death Scarecrow) “Hah you sure I might be that third wheel He is the one after all who has to use the power to keep this up so I would say you need to keep him in high spirits either that or on a very short leash.”       

    (Adado) “You do realize that even if she did I can still kick your ass every which way I want and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”                                                   

    (Chaos Executioner) “Are you done yet I am waiting and running out of patience so shall we start again or would you like to go back to you gossip club.”                                           

    In a flash of lighting Adado changes in to that which completes the set! Adado turns flesh to black and mind to that of the evilest of demons. The Necromancer Arcana the Witch King and ruler of the age where fear and sorcery claimed the minds of the weak and foolish, this is the final of the three greatest mask in all of creation now that all three are assembled here a darkness seeps out from the void and engulfs the them in a realm where these warriors will do battle. They fight with rest this is a  battle of beings that no man/woman can even begin to imagine sparks flash as steel clash, blood of a warrior stains all and the ground disturbed by the forces of unnatural strength. Using the strong and long time stored power that is now shared between Adado and the Scarecrow, they outnumber the enemy, but the Executioner now emerges from behind and destroys the puppet that sustains that masks form. Leaving only Adado to carry own.

    Now with an overwhelming decrease in power Adado is left with no more options then to fight to the death once and for all. He faces the enemy summoning the tiniest amount he can muster and summons the sword, armor and power he gave to the other earlier and combines them with the sorcery of the Necromancer. Forms the last hope he has for facing down the opponent. Adado rushes in and clash one more time only to be pushed back once again now from back within the void the council and gatekeeper Neon. Return to find the hall empty all the treasures claimed and the power now returned to its rightful owner without their involvement.                                

    Cyra watches this cloud cover them making it hard for her to see she calls out to Adado, but no replay, tears come out as images of blood and steel clash as Adado is torn apart bit by bit. As both her and the gods/goddess will look through a window that opens to reveal the fierce battle taking place within the mortal world. Watching in shock as the titans rage war. They see Adado losing ground and spirit now they see that he has used so much power that was never to be taken in one go and to even survive without the right state of mind. As they watch a old and primordial older than that of Erebus and the other gods Chaos who brought about the first Greek gods connects with Adado using his link to the worlds.                                           
    (Ch'sazit) “Adado, child of man, and god you are weak why do you continue to battle when there is no goal or reason to fight any more? You have fallen so many times and we have held you hand to long. Grow old avoid the tournament, live a full life away from this, isn’t that your real wish.”                                               

    (Adado) “Now another annoying spectator who won’t keep quiet, please just let me fight this is the last one, I will not stop not now that I have the will to stand.”                                       

    (Ch'sazit) “Even if that means the one who loves you and is family to you and only you dies?” “How are you going to keep living with your only family gone once again? Your parents, dearly beloved sister and now her I guess such is you’re fate. Do you really think that she is going to be left alone after seeing all this and knowing all that she does, she will be hunted and gutted like a fish?”                               

    Looking out of the cloud he sees tears nothing more just tears and seeing the image of her getting slaughtered, drives him over the edge the family he has finally obtained gone once again. Now he rages like a beast and drives back against the enemy, deep inside him a force long asleep now echoes out of silence and rises up from within is what’s known to others as god hood. Once lost now returned to its former glory, his mask falls off and is removed by unnatural forces to the outside near Cyra.

    His skin once again returns to its dark form hair turns to ghost white and eyes as black as Chaos is deep. Chaos only talked in order to give him the push he needed to dig deep enough to reach that sleeping force. Now the rage of beasts in uncountable numbers fight against the Executioner who is as should be mentioned a child created from a piece of the abyss of Chaos and formed to make the mask this was done by non other then Neon during his reign.                                

    (Adado) “Slaughter, destroy, obliterate, that is your only future my little friend and it’s time for you to die again, and again, and again.”                       

    (Executioner) “Are you sure many have said that, few have ever proven it what makes you so sure huh brat huh?”                       
    (Adado) “Because I am the one and only rightful master of the dark and you are nothing but a failure that lost to his own pride and allowed a traitor to defeat him.”       

    (Executioner) “How... how can that be, you who...what are you that`s impossible to know you’re not human, you’re not of the family your nothing, NOTHING.”                                       

    (Adado) “Haha that’s right come and end this now bitch before I get to bored, you pathetic little fool.”                                               
Time draws to a close and the battle for deaths door to take the loser arrives quicker with each passing word.
Sixteen ready and waiting!!!
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