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                                                                                Chapter 17

    Adado fights with the might of a new god that of which has been passed down since the primordial age. He faced enemies since this began now the final fight. Sunrise is but 30 minutes away and both sides are in a race against time. Adado wants to avoid the sun do to the fact that people are extremely active during the day then at night. He is clashing against this terror, Adado unleashes his god hood and takes on his full might against Executioner. Time is running out and Adado only has a bit of energy left, his body is pushed past his limit and is slowing down, so in one last desperate attack.

    Using all his power he summons a chain that closes in, bins him Adado running on his last strength reaches out with little breath and removes the mask. Thus revealing the host which is not a Doll it was Seethe, who without us knowing was taken by those who planned this all and made him in to the host of the Executioner.

    Oh and Axle was thrown in a dumpster after getting beaten up haha. The cloud disappears with the sun rising and shining through, the morning begins.                                           

    (Cyra) “Adado, Adado wake up, what happened to you how did you turn all black, wake up and answer me Sniff* Sniff*!?”               
    (Adado) “That’s to....many, Can....’ T”       
    (Cyra) “No wait you can’t leave me stay here please you finally won don’t leave.”                                           

    (Izan'an) “Shush, be still child he is not dying he is only resting his body has taken too much in and used beyond his own limits. Which is what has surprised the entire council and has earned him an entry to the second phase of the challenge, but for now he must rest.”       

    (Ev'kish) “Now take him and the mask back to your home he needs to rest for a long time and it will be awhile before he can use his body again until he fully recovered and at that time the power embedded in side him will fully mature and grow as he does.”                       

    As the gods disappear Cyra takes him back to the tower where Mrs. Jones is waiting. She greats them and helps take Adado up to the resting room he is under intensive, extensive care which will require for him to sleep many days and will drift out of consciousness often. Meanwhile Cyra also healing tells Mrs. Jones of what happened up to the points that she saw and described what she couldn’t see happening near the end but saying that Adado fought with is life on the line. Cyra stays beside him every day. They have missed so much school but they have made a statement saying it was due to the jokes and troubles caused by jack and that he is also in the hospital with memory problems which are said to be from Seethe kicking him repeatedly. Adado wakes looking around the room seeing shapes until he sees Cyra sitting in the Chair next to him and sleeping, Mrs. Jones steps in and says in a small voice.       

    (Mrs. Jones) “Shush, that’s a very tired young lady she stayed up all night waiting to lecture you for sleeping to long, but I get to beat her to it haha.”                                                   

    (Adado) “Well isn’t that magical well now I’ve gone from bloody battle to fires of hell, great.”                                   

    (Mrs. Jones) “Isn’t it? Now here comes the next part in my act, you missed a lot of school young man so here’s three weeks worth of homework enjoy and just so you know I instructed Cyra to make sure you get it all done even if you must be locked in here with nothing but food and water Haha.”                                       

    (Adado) “I’m scared, of her more then you she’s gets scary when she’s bossy.”                                               

    (Cyra) “Hmm, really well now if that how you think then I’m going to have to be twice as bossy so you never forget it little man.”       

    The hairs on the back of his neck stand on end with the devil look in her eyes starring him down, from beside the bed. Now this is one thing all man must fear and never bring the wrath that follows. As the day goes on Adado finds himself hearing the voices of the gods with praises from so many flows out and he is filled with a sense of pride. After he recovers, returning to school along with all his normal routines continue on as usual. Seethe remembered nothing and is still tormenting Adado, along with trying to win Cyra attention and affection. While the world continues to go on, a sinister force continues to plot against him these enemies have threatened everything he loves and protects which is their greatest mistake that one can commit against another. Adado thinking that after retrieving the final mask of the three is the end of the tournament Cyra has other news for him.                        

    (Cyra) “I have something to tell you about the tournament the organization behind the attacks.”                                   

    (Adado) “Wait I thought the tournament was over and the idiots who planned all that done and over with, wait don’t tell me.”               

    (Cyra) “That was just the first round and the “Idiots” are far from being done everything I found out was just the tip of the ice berg and the tournament is now going in to the second phase.”                       

    (Adado) “I said don’t tell me, damn I knew this was going to happen damn, damn, why.”                                   

    As the time moves on the new year’s holidays come to an end and the days comes and goes, with a new challenge to face, first term math exam. Meanwhile all around the world chosen have completed their first phase and have begun to prepare for the next challenge. As well as the gods keeping a watch over Adado and Cyra now do to the fact that she has been recognized by the council as his rightful future wife mainly for the reason that she can whip him in to shape in no time. Cyra has been given knowledge of ancient spells and techniques that will be useful to Adado within the coming months. The months pass with each day being training and completing homework all at the same time with this Adado has raised his grades and kept both Dragon ladies (aka. Cyra and Mrs. Jones) off his back for a while. The gods still search for clues as to how the one is that was able to retrieve the mask and force an awakening on so many before they were even meant to face Adado, along with the training being long over do.                                

    (.......) “This has gone beyond what we originally planned and the boy is fare stronger then what he should be I fear we might have rushed in to this fare to early.”                                    

    (.......) “That maybe true but know we know who the chosen is from each country and just how weak they are when push comes to shove.”                                                   
    (.......) “And our informant is still unnoticed and working harder to get us the useful information that has been presented to us so far.”           

    (.......) “Yes and this new piece that we have receive has a very promising future now my friends are we ready to have a little fun with our young friend Adado Anarchy.”                           

    Now all the cards are set and the dice has been rolled Adado who’s life is now within the center of this and continues to spine out of control with every new challenge he will face which include the other chosen. Adado facing his own problems now as he must decide wither he is going to continue this farce. For him it is very difficult to accept this supernatural bullshit. But if Cyra is going to hear any of this she will beat him down using his own mask against him since she is now strong enough to summon them using the same spells as the enemy.        

    (Adado) “So what now, how much more do we have to go through just to please these so called gods I mean they aren’t even fighting nor helping out other than giving useless advice and weapons!?”           

    (Cyra) “That is something you must decided and it will take you life fare beyond anything you have faced and will test, then pit you against others who have faced similar crises that no normal human can even begin to, hope to defeat.”                                (Adado) “Great that’s just wonderful, what about you? What is you wish in all of this, to live a normal life away from all this or would you prefer the danger and death?”                                   

    (Cyra) “.....You serious, I mean really I was raised in this and have been taught to face it head on my parents gave me the knowledge and skill to do this and I will stick to what I believe and that is my own will not my parents along with staying here with you.”                       

    They finally have a understanding of what it truly means to be family a real relationship with someone either through friendship or love. They have decided to face this together and take the risk every step of the way along with the happy ending that they works so hard for each night and day. In the weeks coming and passing Adado has trained and built up new abilities along with a new life for them both.       

    (Izan'an) “That’s all very touching but are you two sure about this once you step out on to that pass then there is now turning around.”                                               

    (Adado) “Yes.”                                          
     (Cyra) “Yes.”                                           

    (Ev'kish) “Very well then we the gods of discourse, chaos, doom, destruction, evil, and all things feared on earth have waited for someone who can obtain the real strength to successes.” “Adado Anarchy you are now the 18th head of the Anarchist family and Cyra you are the only one who can stand by his side and keep him in line please continue to watch over him.”                                          

    Villains, demons, gods, demigods, and masks of long forgotten and unnatural warriors. This is the fate that has been given Adado and he has the right to claim the throne of the First ancestor and rebuild their lost honor. Now it is a new age and Adado, Cyra and all the chosen will decide the future course of the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
                                                                             The End                                                                               

                                                            .....or so we think tell next time.
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