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                                                                             Chapter 5

“Winds howling, blood was boiling and emotions raging, this battle is still not over, My mind is not in my control I’m losing my pride to revenge and common sense to ruthless carnage”.

    Inside the mask Adado faces a new challenge even with the death armor his control is only half what it should be, due to the overwhelming desire of darkness, even if he is the descendant of evil, Adado has a good nature and has never accepted this reality of his family and never will allow his unnatural past influence him. “Why am I here, why did I have to wear that mask, I never wanted this it’s too evil, vile demonic I can’t do this anymore.”      

    (Cyra) “What is this pity hour since when did you let others decide your fate, didn’t you always say that I should do as I want and not let others influence me? Don’t lose to this mask I’m not here for a boy who cries I came here to marry the dark master he who has both light and darkness in them you have the balance and the control now fight, fight.”       

    (Adado) “.....No duh I don’t need a freighted child to tell me that now stop nagging so I can concentrate.”                     

     As Adado looks to the endless darkness griping his life he heads deep in to the blinding abyss, as he wonders he see a figure, non other then Death Scarecrow in chains. He approaches slowly heading towards this creature, unaware that it has yet to revel it true nature. As he approaches close enough to stair each other down without a sound or word. Adado thoughts echoing throughout the shadows. “What are you, no what are you to me, I have no time to be wasting waiting for you to behave, so I’m about to give you and Black Bread an ass whooping.”        

    (Death Scarecrow) “Ha hah ha, looks like you have some back bone after all, huh boy so are you going to try and win this fight or just let others do it for you hahah?”                         

    (Adado) “Hah, funny coming from a lifeless mask, wait on that matter what is this place and how the hell are you talking as if you alive? Oh and Give me my damn body back”                       

    (Death Scarecrow) “Interesting isn’t it, we aren’t suppose to have a single thought of our own yet I can talk to you as if I’m alive, well let’s explore this from another angle, Who ever said that all mask had this  kind of ability huh. I’ll tell you why, it’s because of you. You and your family, created the masks and the mask gave you power, but never once did you think that we could live by ourselves I live since ancient time only to be a puppet for you, nothing more than a slave so why should I give up this body, why? Why should you of all people live in light while I live in darkness WHY?”             

     No matter which way this goes Adado won’t get his body back, time seems to pass for hours as they continue this seemly pointless battle between demons. Adado has yet realize that is the challenge of the mask to face one with its own thoughts and emotions, almost as if it was a mirror image of the darkness that Adado continues to regret yet acts as if he is one with it. This will continue until he fully accepts his tainted fate and faces head on without doubts.                   

    (Adado) “You sound as if you need this more than me huh weird never thought I would hear that, well I’ll tell you what YOU may have a use for this body but it still belongs to me and I need it to protect those close to me that’s my reason.”                   

    (Dark Scarecrow) “Well isn’t that peachy, for once you actually care for someone really that’s really great. Don’t fuck with me I know you, I know what’s in that mind of yours and I know you, run, run leave me alone, I don’t need this life you all can have it, all off it, that’s your true desires no matter how long you plan on fooling yourself and keep denying you true heart I will never leave I am you and I will rule you and This body shale be the tool for my revenge.”        

    (Adado) “Revenge that has a nice ring to it, but I afraid that it won’t make much of a difference now, since neither is willing to let go, but you know your right those are my thought but not all of them there’s more that ring true. I have reason to fight to survive now more then ever and I’ll be damned if you’re going to stop me.”          

    (Death Scarecrow) “Finally I’ve been waiting for that, haha much better.”                                           

    (Adado) “Wait what are you talking about now?”         

    (Death Scarecrow) “Hmm well to keep it simple you have passed boy, I have been waiting for this. Ever since the beginning of you families fight, each generation has failed the challenge, which in this case is to give despair the ass whooping it needs, and get your pride the boot. Accepting who and what you are and what you have to do in life is the most important part. Realizing what or who is the reason you must where the mask.” “Don’t get me wrong I still fight but you gave me a good reason this time so I’ll give you my power but just for now next well haha you’ll need to do better than that hahahahah.”

    As his words leave Adado soundless, the darkness spreads around him, but it doesn’t seem like a murderous intent but more like a lost part of him has finally shown itself. The outside world appears again before his eyes only seeing the drenched ground lying before him and the voices of an insane man and the cries of fear. Adado screams letting the power of the mask run wild only for the purpose of destroying that pirate.                                  

     (Adado) “Are you sure about that my very confused friend, before you decide that why don’t you test the full power of Death Scarecrow Aaaaaaa.”                               

    Adado unleashed a power of dark magic over the port trapping him and Black Bard in a fog of shadows this has blocked all sight from their vision. This should be mentioned that only those who have come into contact, or believe in the unknown can see these fights such as Jekyll and Jack the Ripper’s fight only those who say their true forms would be able to see them clash. And those who wonder throw the streets are set in a frozen state since they are oblivious to the old world so they wouldn’t be able to see they Adado, or even Cyra as she is too close to the area and would appear as a mere shadow.  Only using his own newly acquired Instincts to track and land a counterattack against Black Beard, they both continue to clash as the hours pour by without either side giving up or giving an inch to the other, until Adado finally gets the chance to attack.             

    (Black Beard) "Where are you boy, attacking in the dark that's low, face me like a man!"
    (Adado) “It’s over Black Beard just give up already, otherwise this won’t end well, hah never mind its already over my little bastard.”        

    (Black Beard) “No never little man I am a pirate and too proud to give a brat any chance to over show me now come out and get your ass whooping.”                                                                                                                                           

    (Adado) “Haha that’s funny well then shell we my harry friend bring it on now.”                                                       
   Weapons clashes and steel sparks, flesh bleeds and screams of rage and emotions echo throughout the fog. Until Adado finally faces Black Beard and strikes hit only the tip of his beard but with enough force to rip the mask away but only for a second. As they fight in a monstrous rage Cyra is filled with so much confusion and fear since this is her fist time actually seeing a battle between to actual masks. She has watch with only tears and shivering throughout the entire battle only to see Adado fight blow, it is too much to watch but to intense to look away. Now Black Bead rages on with little grip of his host body and lashes out for one final stick, avoiding death or facing head on Adado rushes in and clashes head to head until the sun starts to appear over the horizon. Black Beard has exhausted his body way past its limit, falling back to his knees as Adado reaches and released the human host from the masks hold
    (Adado) “Haha well this is really unexpected Old man Deco, well that isn’t too surprising actually. So care to spill the beans, or would you like another round?”                                                                                                                           
    (Deco) “Well you sure high and mighty now aren’t you young Anarchy, since you ask I need a way to get back to the sea but I have lost too many ships to those seas. Then I found that mask and it took my desire and feed on it I don’t know how long it’s been but I Only know that I feel tired too tired for the sea. Well then I think I’ll be off I’m sorry again for the trouble boy, oh and U better look after you friend alot better!                                                                             
    (Cyra)"Wait....Sniff*...How do you know him?"

    (Adado) “Old Deco has been around Airdrie for years he use to run the docks and was in charge of the seas largest ship The Rouge a ship that did everything from traveling, to goods trading, and even went to war too in the cold war he’s seen and faced it all. But one night on his way home he faced a storm that stole his boat and crew away from him.” “Remember when I was on the roof, well that’s one of a few place where you can view the stars and see them without all the city buildings blocking the view, Back when I was sent to a foster home that family was very unstable and I needed to get away This place was one of the few that I could escape too.”                   

    As Adado tells this, he remembers those days, it was raining and night had just begun finding himself cold and alone the sky soon cleared as he searches for a spot to wait for morning. He sees the sky now cleared and watches the sky as the stars shine after the clouds disappeared, He sees a man sitting on the edge of the dock. Old Deco is there watching the waves as if he see the deep secrets of it. Adado approaches slowly to see what got the old man so spaced out, deciding to confront watching the waves Adado watching with caution the old man notices him and see him soaked, shivering and soaked. He moves to grab something out of his pack, Adado watching cautions do to meeting a stranger he know nothing about but yet feels calm, the old man throws a coat at Adado and motions for him to put it on in order to keep warm. Feeling safe Adado sitting near him on the edge of the docks close enough to say thank you but far enough a distance to feel safe in case. The old man seeing the boy unsure of what to do Old Deco starts to talk about his life on the seas as if to ease the tension and pass the time by.       

    (Old Deco) “Pirates use to run and hid in these waters from king navy fleets and would bury their treasure here in order to lighten the load so they could run and get away. Then come back during safer times but many have done so and the navy decided to catch them in the act, many have died and others tortured for information. Some are part of my family and I have always watched the waves and sailed the seas since boy hood this is why I sit here to wait for that time to come again.”           

    (Adado) “Is it nice to have memories of your family and past?”       

    Surprised he sees Adado listing and watching with eyes of pain as Deco knows those dark time all too well himself .               
     (Deco) “Memories have their time and provide a link to a forgotten time but they are also best left in that time depending on the person as for me I wish to remember.”                            

    (Adado) “I can’t remember all I see is flames and hear scream.”    

    At that time Mrs. Jones approaches motioning for Adado to hurry and come back. As he starts to walk he stops and pears back at the old man.                                            

    (Adado) “Memories are best forgotten for me but maybe one day we will all have face them again.”                      

    Returning back to the present Adado pears and watch the clouds move and the sun rise looking over he see Cyra shacking from the torment of the night of horror approaching her finally. Still filed with fear from this horror Cyra falls to her knees after losing all here strength to stand, tears running done here face and even with the rain. Adado could still tell she was upset. He kneels done and embraces her and cover her in his jacket as they are drenched.               

    (Adado) “Cyra, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said those things I have never really known the feelings of being needed or wanting, I'm afraid of losing those close to me so I avoid everyone. I'm sorry so stay, stay here with me. Ok so don't leave my side."         
     (Cyra) "Sniff* Sniff* Hah hahaha Yes, I'll Stay hah and Ill make You pay for it little man along with these Injurious"

     They head back  Adado is dying, knowing that He fell in to her trap once again but felt happy knowing that she was safe and that he now has a family to call his own. As they head back Cyra feeling closer now to Adado since hearing a past story she wasn’t aware of she begins to tell him pieces of her life but keeping her family and home land separate.       

    (Cyra) “I feel I should tell you something MY family as you chose this decision with yours in order to keep the blood lines close and to stronger, I was always told that it was something expected from our noble family to be married to another. But I have never wanted a forced one, than when I was old enough my parents showed me your family picture.” “From then own they continued to show images of you and your family I knew then that you were their choice, I begin think it may not be so bad since I could always see you face full of life until that time then you seem so distant and faded. That when I decided to come and be your keeper. In all actual fact my parents may have known this would happen, and I think so did I.”          

After that they remained silent for several hours,

    (Adado) “I never once was told about my parents, nor met anyone who did, why this still remains my past until I placed that mask on my skin, but now I have a new connection to them.”                                   

    Surprised Cyra met Adado's eyes and they both look away feel an uneasy yet comfortable sense of bonding. Hours early in the morning they make it back to the orphanage, where Mrs, Jones is waiting with broken nerves. But finally breathes a sigh of relief after seeing them approach, rushing out to embrace both know only that a matter has passed and that Adado has overcome some of his shy personality and is more trusting of people. Unaware that Adado is dead scared of Cyra’s life threatening plans of revenge on him. The day starts anew yet with a tough decision still awaiting Adado’s final unpleasantly life changing answer. He must still choose his life course with the Orphanage or his unveiled past.                

    (Adado) “Mrs. Jones I have a request to make and a decision that I have left for too long, finally made and I need you to understand and remain calm when I tell you."

Here is chapter 5
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