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  • Listening to: Random radio stations
  • Reading: Reading my computer screen
  • Playing: Horizen Zero Dawn
  • Drinking: Corona
Okay so I have an old addiction that's back I got hooked my defense was weak for one moment.....(Alcohol why did you do this to me) XD no its not a drinking problem.

Although it doesn't help any; I use to RP a lot when I was younger but it took up too much of my fun in the sun time so to speak also my hands were glued to the keyboard. now its back I thought I finally kicked the habit and was released from its curse but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Daemon (sighs) he even created his own collection, that watcher guy Fhaireoir well lets just say he is really possessive and once your watched by him there is no escape.

Once this old...... very old habit kicked back in to gear its hard because I use to find the right person to rp with over the years and would only use a specific character to chat with them now its even harder since I'm so rusty and am try to resist so much Help me, Save me.

Thats about it so in other words once I start I don't stop and separating this from reality is even harder help me..........
Yo Yo hows it going everyone been awhile since I've written anything as of late so For this one I want to tell ya'll about an amazing artist, goes by the name of: DylanSeto he's a fellow Deviant Art member with a very amazing talent for singing I want ya'll to give him a listen to and hear for yourself how good he is!

Here is the link to his song!

Give it a listen to and let me know what ya'll think I'm on all day to day so ya"ll want to chat, drop me a note and lets get it on Yay yay!!

Anarchy Reporting in!!
  • Listening to: The Sun Came by Dylan Seto
  • Reading: Reading my computer screen
  • Drinking: Corona
OK So I just did a watchers count today and I have room for more amazing Artists to be added to my collection as demanded by my account mate (roommate) Fhaireoir: Giving out watches is a must and faving art from amazing artists is a duty I must perform. For I who hold the godly title of Divine God Watchers/Watchman must add all whole fall under my watchful eye!

....Ya ya, Him >_> So with room for more collectables (0000) yes its ranging in the 1000 area Please help me shut up Fhaireoir Recommending more amazing artists!!!!
  • Watching: Leprechaun Horror movie series
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  • Drinking: Corona
Well I may not be able to draw much longer my hand is losing feeling to easily these days and is coasting to much time and patience for art even my writing in this journal is killing me its not a series problem yet but will slowly build so not may new submission any time soon my arthritis is acting up to frequently.

  • Listening to: Bring Me The Horizen: Blasphemy
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  • Watching: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
  • Playing: Dragon Age Inquisition
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  • Drinking: Whisky
So as I am a huge mythology enthusiast and I lover learning about other cultures and their folktales about how the world was created, how man came in to creation, how the world will end when their ancient tradition ended and christian religion began in their countries, which brings me to my next point I'm thinking of creating a Pantheon of gods & goddesses  (mostly written out already, the only thing I want to avoid is being a copy cat.

I want them to be original so my question really is,  Is how to be original when creating Gods?

I already have some of my own up on DA in the Pri's folder in my gallery.

any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

PS: the title of this group is the "Ninth"!

The Nin'th                                                                               The Nin'th
            Once pure now twisted in their fate, decided by ancient bonds, and tortured of those yet to happen these are the Last!!
1: The primogenitor: Nin A warrior born of the Eleven Race eldest of the blood line and oldest brother of nine sisters and brothers. Leader of the Ninth and bringer of destruction once a carefree persona now a challenger of death!
Been thinking on this for a while, by now I have given out over 600 watches and counting. I feel like I should have a goal behind it, and the thought of 10,000 watches by the end of December would be something to do with all my free time. Then as I always do, I over think it should I give it to people with art I like? With unique stories and characters? To people being watched by people I know? the list goes on and on but the goal regardless of the path or method remains the same ten thousand watches by new years.

To those passing by any opinions or views are welcome!