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                                                                          Chapter 12

    As the council is in meeting Neon is in his own gathering of those who serve the gods they are demigods who are now dead, they perished under a mortal death at the hands of a chosen in the tournament from the light side. Neon in his olden days was once one of the chosen, Adados ancient ancestors who won his way to the top only to be defeated by the chosen of light. Each of them had his/her chance to end this struggle but failed only to leave it for the next generation but in each case an outside party be it god, mortal or in between has plotted and stopped them  only it has never been in such a fashion like Adado's. As the council ends and Erebus and Izanami exit after the others and motion for Neon to follow them in to the unsealed room.                                   

    (Ev'kish) “Are you aware of the unsettling new discovery from the previous battle those who set it in motion?”                           
    (Neon) “More than aware my lord, I have faced this foe before during my age in this unending doom for our race. Although when I was just about at the top ready to face the light chosen I was interrupted and met a rather unusual entry of who was a very strong opponent.”           

    (Izan'an) “Was this one of the light or another faction chosen, for many have appeared over the ages and are still reappearing?”              

     (Neon) “I thought of that too and I think I may have found the answer to that I know it is forbidden to speak of these after all and that the all creator such as dark father Chaos. But I fear that the blood crimson and golden soul clans that were band are back.”               

    (Ev'kish) “Bit your tongue that is not to be mentioned I have not even considered that and I will gladly ask you not to repeat it. But I do agree that it is possible they were not all accounted for and the last of the lords disappeared. But if we are to assume, nay if we are to pursue this then I will require you each to be very discreet in your workings and not to bread a word of this to the council nor the boy.”                      

     At the same moment the unknown party convened with a second gathering.                                                   

    (.......) “Are you sure this is wise to send such a vast a sort, won’t it be better to just diminish it to a smaller few.”                       
    (.......) “No this is what we have been waiting for and the better the force the greater the impact.”                               

    (.......) “And our friends from afar how do they fair in this task that has been laid before them.”                                

    In the realm of the living the unknown plotters who have shown no evidence of their true origins nor their individual identities, and their warriors have yet to set the plans in motion, along with Arc Academy new rules everything seems to be going way off the radar and Adado is in the middle of it all.                                         

    During that time Cyra told Adado about her parents finds she said that there is a spell old and dark, that only those of a witches coven can cast such power and there are too few to track down. The spell has the power to summon a Doll that seems as if it wears man flesh and is thus able to wear the mask, give life to it. The mask is give a false life where the memories would follow the will of that which summoned them the same could be used for his training where the masks he’s collected could be the most powerful training tool. After that they trained trying to use a spells that Cyra made each was very difficult every time it was used she would drain so much energy that she would fall unconscious. The following school day Adado is confronted by several men in black suites they don’t seem to be friendly; they drug Adado and take him to a building still in the developmental phase. He awakens to find that a total of eight, including the suites are present in the building each in a different spot, with all eyes on Adado each with their faces covered and not one was speaking nor asking questions.                   

    (Adado) “What do you want, if this is something to do with James then please get it over already.”                                   

    (.......) “Are you sure he is the one, looks like a kid without the slightest hint of reaching man hood!?”                               

    (.......) “That is the one requested, only thing to be done, find masks and render the user useless and crippled.”                           
    (Adado) “Hey I’m right here and I said hurry up and do it already, otherwise I die of boredom I mean really this is not even worth the ticket price I wasted so much money on an outdated show.”                   

    (.......) “Hah funny, let’s get it over with shall we, our audience isn’t enjoying himself; well who’s up first huh should we draw straws?”       

    As each looked about neither one was stepping forward, so the one to last speak reach and removed his mask revealing his face to the shocked Adado. The figure wore close similar to a man Adado had seen before in his mothers journal, one feared by all and he who was called a vampire no this is all superstition this man is in every way human of sorts. The king of Transylvania Vlad the Impeller, a man of whom Adado has no knowledge of expect for the legends surrounding him such maliciousness, and vile, anger, rage all extend from him and fill the air almost as if it was a suffocating. Vlad approaches Adado slowly pulling out his sword and places not even an inch away from his skin Adado feels the cold dead weight of death cling to him.                       
    Meanwhile, as theses strange men remove Adado from campus, A teacher spots this only to be shocked as they were too late to even intervene, they run and inform the principal well at the mean time Cyra looks all over campus for any sight of him, she ask the staff that remain behind to close the Academy if there was anyone who saw him. There was only one the science teacher Mrs. Flow who said he left just as the bell sounded and was taken off by some strange men in a car. Their faces were covered and they were too far way to fully see what they were doing, she has informed the principal and he has already asked the police to search and the teacher to send all students home as soon as possible.                                               

    (Mrs. Flow) “I saw them take him away just before the rest of the students got out I thought they might have been with you two sent by your parents, and that you know but now I don’t know                   

    (Cyra) “Do you know where they might have headed to after take him which direction they went and how many there were?”               

    (Mrs. Flow) “I would have to say they went down towards the older part of town it looked like there was about three of them and another in the car that drove them off.”
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